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If you haven't realized yet, I LOVE AUTOMATION! Automation turns ANYTHING into a machine! And you probably don't realize it, but you use Automation everyday! Think about it: you have a routine every morning that allows you to get out of bed, and get to your daycare. Some people make their beds first and then brush their teeth, or some may grab a cup of coffee fist and then make their bed. Whatever you do, you do it the same way every single time, and you get the results you want right? This is automation!

I am so excited to share with you how you can use this same technique to turn your childcare business into a machine!

Before we jump in, let me remind you what Childcare Business Automation is: Childcare Automation is putting systems in place (either technical or step by step processes) that requires less of you to be there to run your childcare business.

Remember requires less of you to be there to run, as I share with you how to understand this and apply this to your daycare.

Okay, let's look at this further! Here are three easy ways to understand what things in your home or center you can turn around and automate.

1). Make of list of things you do over and over

There is so much you do over and over in your daycare business. From Answering the phone, meal planning, lesson planning, withdrawing a child, enrolling a child, and loads of office and paperwork task. These are things you do over and over, and if you really set down and think about them, you have a rhythm or routine as to how you do them right?

Make a list of these things. Take time to think of everything you do and write them down somewhere.

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2). Decide what kind of Automation you can turn a task into

Now that you have your list, decide which ones you can actually automate. Now most of them you will be able to automate pretty easily. And remember, automation can be using step by step processes or using software to implement technical automations. When I did this simple exercise for my daycare business, I was amazed at all of the things I could automate and streamline so I could focus on things that really mattered.

3). Automate each tasks

Now that you have chosen the task you really want to automate, now it's time to add automation to them. The easiest way I did this was answered the question: "If someone off of the streets came in to do this task, how would I want them to do it?"

I answered this question providing the step by steps on how I wanted this to be completed each and every time it was done. And then I stored in on my paperless network system.

The key to understanding Automation, is knowing that no matter what you are doing, there is a process to doing it and getting the desired results each and every time!

It's no different than how McDonalds is able to serve their cheeseburgers and have them taste the same no matter what McDonalds you go to. I have been to McDonalds traveling on the road, and if I order a cheeseburger in Kentucky where I live, and order that same cheeseburger in Florida where my in-laws live, I have to admit that they both taste the same!

When you have a business that runs like this, you have a machine! A machine that allows you to no have to think about what your doing, but it runs just like a car! You turn on the key, and it's like second hand nature.

Everything makes sense, and there is no confusion as to how you are going to get something accomplished!

I hope this helped you understand more on Childcare Business Automation and if you really put in the effort, your daycare home or center can literally run like a machine!

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