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Childcare Business Automation Checklist


Childcare Business Automation is putting systems in place (either technical or step by step processes) that requires less of you to run your childcare business.

There are 5 Main pieces to running a successful childcare business. They are:

✔ Accounting and Budgeting

✔ Marketing and Advertising

✔ Management and Leadership

✔ Customer Service and Program Quality

✔ Office Organization and Procedures

When all of these pieces are in place, this allows you as an Owner to not only enrich the lives of children and families, but your OWN LIFE!

These exact pieces were the pieces I struggled with for the first six years of running my childcare business. And it wasn't until the eighth year I was in business that I figured out how to essentially put my childcare on autopilot. From marketing, dealing with staff, office procedures, etc..

And finally in June of 2012, I was able to take a week's vacation while my daycare business was in full operation, and I was able to pay for my entire family's way!

This is the kind of result that childcare Automation does for you!

If you are struggling with:

✔ Tiredness from overworking yourself (averaging about 10-15 hours a day)

✔ Not being able to pay yourself

✔ Low Enrollment Numbers

✔ Having a hard time to find quality staff

✔ Keeping your office desk clear of clutter

Then you are in the right place! It's time to start AUTOMATING your daycare business, so that you can be in TOTAL CONTROL of your business.

If you say to yourself: "THIS IS NOT WHAT I ENVISIONED my daycare business to be like."
Then let's begin Automating your ENTIRE childcare business!

Doesn't matter if you are family childcare home owner or a center based owner, you can automate your daycare easily!

What I have created for you is an amazing Childcare Business Automation Checklist! This checklist is absolutely FREE and is downloadable! When you go through the checklist, you are going to learn what areas of your business are automated, and which areas are not automated. The areas that you find that fail to have automation, are the root cause of WHY you are currently struggling and feeling out of control!