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" Your Step by Step, Plug and Play Automation Systems that run in the background of your Daycare Business

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Currently, enrollment to the Childcare Business Academy is closed, as we focus on our current members. Click here to Join the Waitlist so you can be notified of the next Open Enrollment Period.

Are YOU ready to AUTOMATE your childcare business and get in TOTAL CONTROL?

If you answered YES! Then you are in the right place! The Childcare Business Automation Academy is your Step by Step, Plug and Play Automation Systems that run in the background of your Daycare Business.

Work at your own pace, while getting support from Ashley Binns and other Daycare Owners as we work on Automating the Top 5 Pieces it takes to run a successful childcare business.

All the courses combined will help you Automate the following in your Childcare Business:

✔ Accounting and Budgeting: Learn how to Budget through the CST Business Budgeting Cash Flow Workbook Training

✔ Marketing and Advertising: Put your Marketing on Autopilot and drive traffic to your doors effortlessly

✔ Management and Leadership: Set up a System that allows you to have a team that backs you up EVERYDAY!

✔ Customer Service and Program Quality: Ensure you have an automated system that creates an invisible bubble around your families and ensures they receive a EXPERIENCE every day.

✔ Office Organization and Procedures: Set up automatic office procedures that allow you to do purpose driven work and begin working "on" your business instead of "in" it!


Work-Life Balance: Childcare Business Automation ensures that you have a great work life balance! And this allows you to live your BEST LIFE as a Childcare Business Owner AND at the same time provide quality care for children and families.

Your Step by Step, Plug and Play Automation Systems that run in the background of your Daycare Business.

What's all included in the Academy?

Complete Childcare Busienss Automation Systems: Instant Access to the entire school and all courses!(This is Ashley's Childcare Business Automation Complete Systems (Valued at $8,000)

Access to the Entire ChildcareSuccessTools.com: Access all courses of the school which is currenly 13 courses and around 70 hours of Video trainings and counting! If you want to know how to do something, this is where Ashley shows you step by step, how to run a successful childcare business! From Automating your marketing, budgeting procedures, lesson planning to organizing your days and ensuring a 12 month Childcare Business Plan to ensure growth each year! (Valued at $8,000)

Ashley's Personal Daycare Library: Access to Ashley's personal Library that includes Downloadable PDF's, Cheat Sheets, Handbooks, Lesson Plan Templates, Examples and more! (Valued at $1,500)

Training Aids: Every Course comes equipped with Downloadable PDF's and Step by Step Guides to help you easily implement strategies into your program. (Valued at $ 1,500)

Community Support: Instant access to the Members Only Private Facebook Academy Group. This is where all members hang out and get support from Ashley and others. This is not Ashley's Community Group. (Valued at $ 200)

✔ BONUS: Accountability and Partnership Feature: The Accountability and Partnership feature of the Academy is where I will hold everyone accountable for the goals they are trying to reach. At the beginning of each month, I will see what your goals are and hold you accountable to reach those goals by helping you execute the Automation systems. (Valued at $ 500)

✔ BONUS: Phone Support: By being a member, you get access to Ashley's office hours which is where you get access to speak to her on the phone and get support. Office hours are held monthly where Ashley opens up a space of time to her conference line for members. This is where you can ask me questions and get Ashley's advice in a group setting. (Valued at $1000)

What Owners have to say...

"Childcare Business Automation is great! I am 80% automated and it feels so good to work when I want or need to! This week I worked from home and only step foot in my center twice.
I got to enjoy so much this week"!

Whitney Baylock, Owner/Director "Children's Learning Arc", Philadelphia, PA

"Before I enrolled into Childcare Business Automation Academy, I was planning to close my family childcare Home because I thought that I’d done everything in the book to keep my business running smoothly and keeping my enrollment up, but I was wrong. Lol.! When I started the courses, each module of the courses related to the situation that I was facing in my childcare business. I began to implement what I learned from the courses, and I can honestly say that my childcare is growing, it’s healthy, and I have a waiting list of families waiting to enroll their children into my program! Thanks Ashley for all your help... You are surely a blessing ❤️ "

Deidre Adams, Owner/Director of " Prep for Preschool", Atlanta, Georgia

"I am truly grateful for this program! I have been licensed for 1 year. I have been felt like I was on a hamster wheel and would never get off. I would ask questions of my fellow providers. Some would answer my questions, and others wouldn't. However, since finding and joining Child Care Success Tools & Run It Like CEO Group Coaching Academy, I have found that I have a sense of direction. I know where I am going and I NEVER have to do it alone AGAIN. Thank you Ashley, for allowing the Lord to use your experience to help lead others. You are TRUELY a blessing!"

Jamica Jones, Owner/Director of "The Love Network", Charlotte, North Carolina

"Just wanted to say Ashley's Childcare Business Automation Systems works so well and I’m really seeing the benefit this week. I have a different set of children so I can just re-use my planning from a few months ago. My menus are automated I don’t even have to think about that. I don’t really have to think about marketing. Had a new family contact me today touring next week, and I didn’t do anything".

Carolyn Bodger, Owner and Director of “Little Explorers Child-minding, Manchester, United Kingdom

"Ashley literally gives you everything you need in this program! I love how constant she is and how she teaches you everything you need to know step by step with videos, notes, and downloadable files. I would recommend this program to anyone who is searching for a coach who is accessible, supportive, consistent, experienced, knowledgeable, and a mentor."

Lakeisha Williams, Owner/Director of "Greater Friendship Preschool", Chattanooga, Tennessee

"Ashley Binns I swear you were talking to me while I listened to your lecture today. This is the area my business is lacking. I have no knowledge of this aspect of my center except when I have self taught. I am so grateful for this group and for guidance first hand from someone who "Gets it!" Thank you and I can't wait to get these plans in place!!"

Amber Ramos, Owner of A Child’s World Early Learning Center, Wilmington, North Carolina

" Childcare Business Automation Academy has changed my business and my mindset as a business owner. I feel confident in the services I offer as I now have systems that ensure daily success. I also feel empowered as a CEO, I now know that I have capability to own and operate a successful daycare and more. CST is a superior program and worth all time and money spent. I recommend CST to any serious childcare business operator who is ready to kick it into high gear."

Alana Jones, Owner and Director of "We Care Child Development Center" Phenix City, Alabama

Your Instructor

Ashley Binns
Ashley Binns
I am the former owner and operator of a childcare center of 10 years called Ashley's Angels Childcare, Inc. in Bowling Green, KY. My doors opened up as a family childcare home to three children in August of 2005, and by 2007, I transitioned into a Licensed childcare facility. Over the ten years that I ran my childcare business, I learned what NOT TO DO, and I also learned WHAT TO DO to ensure success! And that was basically Automating EVERYTHING in my childcare business! AUTOMATION changed my business and my life! And I know it will do the same for you!
My goal is to reach as many childcare owners that I can, those who are starting out and those who have been in business for a long time. It's my passion, to help owners ensure that they are running childcare businesses that offer quality care to children and families, yet at the same time, I want owners to ensure that they are also taking care of themselves in the process of running their daycare business.

I am so excited to begin working with you in helping you create a childcare program that is successful and one you can be proud of! My goal for you is for you to not only enrich the lives of children and families but to enrich your own life.

Courses Included with Purchase

How to Start Your Own Childcare Center or Family Childcare Home
"Learn all the "nuts and bolts" you need to open your childcare center"
Ashley Binns
Childcare Business Budgeting Made Easy
Your Step by Step Guide on ensuring financial Success for your Childcare Business"
Ashley Binns
The Automated Lesson Planning System
"Automated Your Lesson Plans so that they are "microwavable"!
Ashley Binns
12 Month Childcare Business Planner
Success doesn't happen by accident. It's Planned!
Ashley Binns
Social Media Childcare Marketing
Ashley Binns
Organization as a Owner/Director
"How to Ensure Purpose Driven Work"
Ashley Binns
Automatic Marketing Cycle System
Let Your Marketing Run in the Background of Your Business and Increase Your Enrollment Numbers
Ashley Binns
Automatic Staffing Cycle System: How to Reduce Staff Turnover
Ashley Binns
Automatic Customer Service Cycle System: How to ensure Excellent Customer Experience
Be the #1 Sought out Daycare in your area
Ashley Binns
Management and Leadership: Building a Team that Backs you up Everyday
Ashley Binns
Mindset and Motivation
Ashley Binns
Access My Personal Library
"Access my personal Library of Forms and Documents I used to run my program"
Ashley Binns

Original Price: $2,973

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses will I have access to?
How does all of them sound? After you enroll in the program, you have unlimited access to all courses for as long as you are a member-across any and all devices you own.
What kind of support comes along with the Academy?
There are two support options that come along with the Academy. You will gain access to the Academy's private support group which is a private Facebook group community for members of the Academy. This is where you can ask any questions you have, and either I or someone in the group will be able to help you. You also get access to my conference line monthly during my Live group Q&A Sessions, where you can ask me questions and get support from the group. Other support options are available in my consulting package which is an upgrade to the Academy and is an add-on of private one-on-one support sessions with me.
How long will I have to pay the monthly investment fee?
The Academy is subscription based. To access the academy and all courses, your subscription must be active.
What if I decide I no longer want to be apart of the Academy?
Well I would really hate to see you go, but you can cancel your membership at anytime. There are no contracts.
I am so busy now, how will I have the time to actually execute?
And this is why you NEED this program, so you can get in control! The course is designed to help you with Time Management inside of the Organization as an Owner/Director Course. I encourage all owners to begin here if they struggle with time management. Also, there is training on planning for the entire year where I show you how to set up your year for success which is in the 12 Months Business Planner Course. Don't worry, I've got you covered and will help you through this!
Will I receive any state-approved training hours for the courses I take?
No. This course is not accredited or certified under any state. The best way to understand this is the equivalent as you getting a coach to help you with your daycare business. In this case, I am your coach, but we are doing this in an online setting.

Currently, enrollment to the Childcare Business Academy is closed, as we focus on our current members. Click here to Join the Waitlist so you can be notified of the next Open Enrollment Period.

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