My goal is to ensure that I have the best relationship with each one of my clients. To do this, I want you to be aware of my policies and procedures, so that things run smoothly between us. Please be aware, that the polices can be revised or removed at anytime, and I will be sure to inform you if at anytime these policies are revised.


Who to Contact:

As a client of Childcare Success Tools, Ashley Binns is your main point of contact. At time to time, Ashley may assign someone else as a contact, in her absence. If this is the case, you will be notified via email or fb groups.

Method of Contact:

The primary method of contact with Ashley is via your secret Facebook Group (if you are a private client) or your closed Facebook Group (if you are a member of a group coaching program). Ashley checks all Facebook Groups at least once per day. If you must send something personal to Ashley through email, or Facebook Messenger, please understand that she does not check her email, or messages frequently and there will be a delay in response. The fastest way to get a response is by posting in your group.

Ashley does not accept unscheduled phone calls (she screens calls like a HAWK!). Therefore, if you are a private coaching client, please use her scheduling calendar to schedule your call. If you are not a private or VIP client, please purchase a CONSULTING SESSION to access her calendar.

If you are trying to decide on a program to fit your needs, and would like to speak to someone to help you better understand which program would be a best fit for you and your childcare business goals, you can fill out a program application and speak to our team at no cost. Please be aware this is not a coaching call or consulting call! This call is to ONLY help ensure that whatever decision you make in enrolling in one of our programs, that you have clarity in the best program for you and you are at peace with the decision you make. These calls are also only 30 minutes.

If you are an enrolled Owner/Director, meaning you have purchased a course or subscription based program, please refer to your support options in your course curriculum.

Turn Around Time:

When you contact Ashley, you will most likely get a response within 24 Business hours. Again Ashley checks her emails and fb groups, at least once a day.

Responses are not guaranteed during non-office hours. Continue reading for more information on office hours.

Responses may be delayed in the event of Holidays, vacations, or emergencies. Ashley will be sure to notify all students of such cases.

Office Hours:

Ashley is based in the central time zone area. Ashley office hours are Monday-Thursday 10AM - 2PM Central Standard Time.

If you need assistance outside of office hours, Ashley will do her best to accommodate. Please remember however, that Ashley is a human being with a family and life too. :)


If you have purchased a service that includes phone calls with Ashley, here are the policies and procedures associated with this:


Private clients will receive a special link to Ashley’s calendar which is only available to private clients. You will use this link to book your sessions with Ashley as you deem necessary, that are within the guidelines with the amount of calls that come along with the program you are enrolled in. Although Ashley checks in frequently and will reach out if she hasn’t heard from you, it is your responsibility to book your sessions with Ashley.

Owners/Directors who are enrolled in in my Build Your CHILDCARE BUSINESS Empire of FREEDOM Coaching Program, our Ashley's top priority. Ashley will hold these clients accountable for booking calls, turning in work, etc.. therefore Ashley will reach out to these clients frequently if she needs to, to ensure their success. Ashley's Calendar is set up to ensure these clients spots on her calendar and these calls are automatically set up to overrule other availability slots.

The times displayed on the calendar reflect Ashley’s true availability, therefore if there are no days/times that work for you, please do your best to make something work. If there is truly nothing you can do, then you may reach out to Ashley to attempt to manually schedule another day/time.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to schedule and make use of these calls. The calls are provided on a first come, first served basis, and your time with Ashley does not roll over. Therefore, we recommend that you schedule your calls in advance as soon as you receive the scheduling link. If you are in a program that offers recurring calls with Ashley, it is suggested to set these up at the same time/day as a recurring session.


We want the very best experience for you. Please try not to reschedule your scheduled appointments. If an extremely unusual situation occurs and you need to reschedule, please give us as much advance notice as possible. As with any professional service business, a minimum 24-hour notice is expected.

Please understand that when you cancel or reschedule calls, you run the risk of forfeiting calls for the month if no further time slots are available.

To reschedule a call, simply look in any of the three (3) emails sent to you after your booking. There is a reschedule link at the bottom of every email.


Strategy calls vary from 30-90 minutes. If you call later than the scheduled time, the call will still end at the originally designated finish time, as we have clients scheduled before and after your call. Coaching calls are in blocks of 1 hour. If you need more time, you will need to use your scheduling link to book an additional call with Ashley. You are not required to use the entire 1 hour either.


In preparation for our calls, There will be a form that you must fill out BEFORE completing your booking session. We ask that you do not rush through this form, but be as detailed as possible about your current situation. This will allow Ashley ample time to review and prepare to bring the most value to your session. This form is apart of the booking scheduling link and the system will REQUIRE for all fields to be filled out.

Please call from a quiet place to concentrate on our work together. (Please do not eat or do anything else when you’re being coached. You won’t get as much value.)

And, of course, please be on time.


As soon as your book our call, the calendar system will send you an email with all of the details on how to access Ashley's Virtual Meeting Room/Conference Line. You will receive a confirmation email, a 24 hour reminder email and a 1 hour reminder email. Each email will have the links and information to access Ashley's Virtual Meeting Room.


You may request recordings of your sessions. Please let Ashley know after the call if you would like access to the recording.

Non-Disclosure of Online Courses, Training and Coaching:

The information received through online courses, training or coaching are all copyrighted. You agree that such materials and information is for your own personal use, for the purpose of improving or starting your childcare business. Any disclosure to a third party is strictly prohibited.

Under no circumstances can the copy in these documents be used or reproduced in whole or part without the express written permission of Childcare Success Tools. The absence of a copyright notice on any given page of material should NOT be constructed as an absence of copyright. These copyrights have been successfully defended in the past and it is the policy of Childcare Success Tools to aggressively defend all intellectual properties. Violation of these copyrights can result in civil litigation, substantial penalties, even criminal prosecution. Any downloadable documents are provided for sample purposes only, not for use.


You are responsible for any decisions you make about your home life and your business. Ashley will share her own personal advice and opinion about your situation, based off of her experience and expertise, but the decision as to what advice you take, and what you decided to do, is yours. If you decided to take a recommendation, it is solely your decision and you take full responsibility for that. If you decide to work with someone that Ashley refers you to, please be aware that the working relationship you have with them, is solely separate from the working relationship with Ashley, and that it is your decision to work with a referral.


Feedback Forms:

At time to time, Ashley will want feedback from students and clients. She will ask this feedback via email and a form. This simply helps her to know if the information she is providing to you is beneficial to your life and childcare business. This kind of feedback also helps Ashley to understand any improvements that can be made to Childcare Success Tools, to ensure a wonderful experience.


When a student achieves a result or win for their life or business, Ashley loves to use these for testimonies. Testimonies helps share the successes of students for potential students who are thinking about enrolling in a course or program. At time to time, you may be asked to provide a written, audio, or video testimony. You are under no obligation to provide a testimony, but it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!